This website is intended to serve as the primary internet outlet for the reconstruction of Messianic Essene Judaism.  Messianic Essenes are Christians who believe that Essene Judaism is the one and only true religion, a religion whose foundational elements are based on primarily the writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but also on the descriptions of the ancient contemporaneous sources concerning the Essenes, and the apocryphal Scriptures.  As Christians, we follow the Messiah/Christ.  As Jews, we follow Moses.  Together, Moses and Messiah form the complete faith of Messianic Essene Judaism.  For a more complete understanding of what Essene Judaism is all about, please peruse this site to your heart’s content.

This website is intended not just for Essene converts, but also those interested in possibly/potentially converting to Essene Judaism, or just for those who are interested in the beliefs of the Essenes and want to learn more information about them.

This website is also used for publications of major scholarly dissertations written by Essenes as well as official Essene teachings produced by the leaders of the modern Essene movement that has been restored.

The founder of the restoration of the Essene movement is Onieu bin David.

The Messianic Essene movement is currently looking to establish a council of elite members who will become part of the leadership committee.  If you are interested in becoming a leader, please contact me here or at my personal email onieu777@gmail.com with the subject title of “Essene application”.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Essene religion, you should also send an email with the subject title of “Essene application” and you will be enrolled in the conversion process by our Essene community.  Without completing the conversion process you will not be considered a member of the one true faith and religion.  More information concerning this will be provided in another place on this website



4 Responses to About

  1. Angelo Belmonte says:

    I am interested in conversion and becoming an Essene leaders please response by email

  2. Charlotte says:

    I’m confused. Everything I’ve read indicates that Jesus and the Essenes studied ALL religions and gave respect to the spiritual growth process of all faith traditions. Why call yourself the “one true religion”? Very off-putting. I don’t think Yeshua would have used those words.

    • Onieh says:

      This website of mine is obsolete. However, what you have read of the Essenes is by modern new age groups who go by the name Essene. The ancient Jewish Essenes didnt believe the same as the modern new age essenes believe.

      As for studying other religions, we should study all religions as thete is truth in them all. But there is only one religion that has it right on all major issues and that is the ancient jewish essenes

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