Basic Essene Statement of Faith

The following statements are the basic foundational elements of the Essene religion:

1.We believe that absolute 100% sinlessness is required for salvation.
2.We believe that anyone who is not 100% sinless will be eternally damned in conscious torment that lasts forever.
3.We believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are YHWH Elohim, the one divine being.
4.We believe God is the only being that experiences eternity, is all powerful, is all knowing, and is all present.
5.We believe that the Teacher of Righteousness is the Messiah/Christ.
6.We believe in the resurrection of all the dead into glorified fleshly physical bodies.
7.We believe that all angels, humans, animals, insects, plants, planets, stars, and elements  are spiritual beings that have spirits, are moral agents having the ability to sin, and that they all have a place in the everlasting world to come.
8.We believe that all beings that have spirits have free will.
9.We believe that each spirit is assigned to only one body and is born into that one and only body just once, for the scope of all time.
10.We believe that all of the commandments of the Law of Moses must be kept in order for one to be saved (exceptions being made for justifiable ignorance).
11.We believe in the coexistence of an Old and New Covenant, and that all people are under an obligation to obey all of the commandments of both the Old and New Covenants.
12.We believe that the Law of Messiah is an additional Torah that was instituted by the Messiah and complements the Law of Moses, rather than replacing or abolishing it.
13.We believe that all of the Books of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Biblical Apocrypha are Scripture.
14.We believe that extreme communism (as best outlined in the Book of Acts chapters 1-4, the DSS, the Apostolic Constitutions, and ancient testimonies about the Essenes by Josephus and Philo) is the only acceptable form of government and society for a country or people group to have.
15.We believe in a constitutional monarchy, one which is founded on the laws of nature and the laws of God as its unchanging constitution.
16.We believe that all polygamous relationships (including polygyny) is adultery, and a capital crime.
17.We believe that sex for any reason other than for the express purpose of initiating procreation is a sin.
18.We believe that the Dead Sea Scrolls were written by the Essenes and represent faithfully the Essene religion.
19.We believe that all of the reports of the ancient witnesses in regards to the beliefs and teachings and history of the Essenes is true and valid and incumbent upon us to accept as such those teachings and beliefs reported by the ancient witnesses as being believed by the Essenes.
20.We believe we are to be peaceful with all people if morally possible.
21.We believe that eating meat is not a sin so long as the meat is from a clean animal and is 100% organic/healthy/safe to eat it.
22.We believe all marriages with any persons who are living in capital sin are sinful.
23.We interpret the commandments of God stricter than everyone else, especially the commandments relating to the observance of the Sabbath.
24.We condemn as groups deserving of eternal damnation the following: Paganism, Islam, Pharisaic Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, NonEssene Messianic Judaism, Nazarene Judaism, and all other Hebraic roots groups which are not Essenes (exceptions being made for justified ignorance of non Essenes).
25. We condemn the Oral Law/Torah of the Pharisees, especially that which is codified in the Talmud, as a disgusting abomination.
26.We believe that the Messiah’s birth, life, death, and resurrection serves as a sufficient atonement for any person who has repented of his sins and has forsaken sins for his entire life.
27.We believe there is only one valid repentance that is able to save one from their sins allowed for any person, and that no repentance other than one endorsed and certified by the Essenes is considered authentic or efficacious for the salvation of said believer.
28.We believe in water baptism for the forgiveness of sins is required for salvation, a baptism into the name of the Teacher of Righteousness, in the following formula (or some variation which maintains the three names): I baptize thee in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”.
29.We believe that if anyone sins once after a valid repentance of sinlessness has been reached for that person, they are literally unable to be saved no matter how many times they repent, and no matter how perfect they live their lives, even if they are 100% perfectly sinless for the rest of their lives.
30.We believe the doctrines of original sin, sin nature, calvinism, fatalism, annihilationism, universalism, easy believism, and undeserved/unearned divine grace and divine mercy are abominable and blasphemous teachings.
31.We believe the Scriptures in their original manuscripts were 100% divinely inspired and 100% correct in what they teach and say.
32.We utilize the Solar Calendar of 364 days for the sacred days commanded of us in the Torah, the Solar Calendar as such articulated by Enoch, Jubilees, and the Dead Sea Scrolls
33.We believe that it is a moral obligation for us not to do anything unhealthy to ourselves or to others.
34.We believe that God and the Son of God alone created all created things at the beginning of time.
35.We believe in rationalism and logic as foundational pillars of truth and the one true religion, and that everything God does is necessarily limited by the laws of logic and rationality.


11 Responses to Basic Essene Statement of Faith

  1. “We condemn the Oral Law/Torah of the Pharisees, especially that which is codified in the Talmud, as a disgusting abomination.”

    Have you ever read the Talmud, and if so, what about it is disgusting? How can the Talmud codify anything, seeing it presents the opinions of individual teachers that differ with each other?

    • onieu says:

      I have read some of it, but its a lot to read. But on almost every page there are contradictions with the Essene Way. So it is disgusting to the extent that it teaches contrary to the true path of the Essenes, and does it on a regular basis. I found some places in the Talmud which teach that its okay to break the Sabbath to save the lives of Jews, but not okay to break the Sabbath to save the lives of Gentiles, but that if its uncertain the person is a Jew or Gentile, you must break the sabbath for them just in case they are a Jew. Even if this was the only false teaching in the entire Talmud, this only would make the Talmud disgusting, because it is a form of racism that is despicable.

      As to how can it codify anything when it presents different opinions, perhaps originally it was not intended as an authority, but it is constantly appealed to as an authority by Jews. But it also could be that the Talmud presents multiple viewpoints which are endorsed by the Rabbis, saying “one of these two viewpoints are correct”. In fact, usually when the Talmud presents multiple viewpoints, it sides with one of the viewpoints, identifying it as the correct view. at least that is my impression from the preliminary study that I have done. I hope in future to do a more extensive study on it.

  2. 1. What part of the Talmud says this about breaking the Sabbath to save lives ?

    2. Do you believe it is impermissible to break the Sabbath to save the lives of people ?

    3. The Bible itself makes a strong distinction between Jews (Israelites) and gentiles, so if “racism” as you call it is the issue then that problematizes the Bible too. “Equal measures” is an important principle.

    4. By you definition/response it appears “codify” is not the most accurate word you could have used. There isn’t such a thing as “the Rabbis” except rhetorically, since Judaism – unlike Catholicism – doesn’t have a central authority, hence “the Rabbis” often disagree. Nevertheless there is of course much more general unity among the Jews than among Christians (esp. Protestants) and Messianics, being that it balances individuality and adherence to tradition in a much more mature and sublime way that Christianity does.

    • onieu says:

      1. I’m going to have to get back to you on that, but its i think in the Sabbath treatise, and find it again.

      2.I believe its never okay to break the sabbath, even to save a life, however, I do believe as Messiah and Jubilees teaches, that priestly work is allowed on the Sabbath. Normally its forbidden to prepare food on the Sabbath, but if its medicine, it is classified under priestly work and is allowed. This is why when Messiah spit in the ground and made some clay for the man’s eyes, that this was okay to do on the Sabbath because it was a work of healing/priesthood. But, in accordance with Essene halakha, i maintain its forbidden to build on the Sabbath to save a life. So, for example, building a ladder is forbidden. Also tying knots and ropes is forbidden. Even if these activities are done for the intended purpose of healing/saving lives, these acts are not themselves priestly activities and therefore are forbidden according to Essene teaching. (See Damascus Document and other sectarian texts for Essene halakha).

      3.I agree with you; i wasn’t clear, my apologies. I was making a distinction between “despicable racism” and racism that is not despicable, but i left the distinction implied rather than explicated.

      4.What would you suggest it be called rather than codification? My understanding is that it is considered “Law” rather than just commentary. Such as Oral “Law”. And it seems that Jews appeal to it as more than just an insightful commentary, but they appear to accord to it the weight of a supreme authority near equivalent to that of the Torah itself. In fact, the written Torah is called the Law of Moses, but the Oral Torah is also called the Law of Moses. So that if they consider the Talmud as preserving the Oral Law of Moses, I would think then they view the Talmud to the extent that it preserves Moses’ laws in their belief an authority/law/codification..

  3. So regarding point 2, you don’t care about racism. You don’t want to save Jewish (or gentile) lives on Sabbath, you don’t want to save ANY lives on Sabbath. Previously it seemed you gave the impression of being concerned about a racial / cultural / religious distinction.

    Regarding point 4 I would say that “codified” things probably don’t contain variant opinions or leave it up to the reader to decide.

  4. I could add that the definition of “what is work” on Sabbath is entirely derived from Jewish tradition; it is the Pharisees that came up with the idea that tying knots is “work”. It is impossible to know “what is work” without the Talmud and similar literature.

  5. Ziva Ray says:

    Yall sound like a Cult not a religion I’ve ever heard of. I’m Jewish, Born to a Jewish mother and so forth back, But I believe in the Messiah. So I’m a Messianic Jew. And nothing you have said goes for either Jews or Christians. It’s alittle out there if you ask me. All I can do is daven for you.

    • onieu says:

      Right thats because Jews, Christians, and Messianic Jews are a sickening and disgusting abomination. Only Messianic Essenes are of the true faith. This is made clear by what the Bible actually says agreeing only with the Essene religion. All other religions contradict what the Bible teaches.

      • Ziva Ray says:

        Yep you’re a cult. Let me guess you must think you’re the Messiah as well. BTW the Bible was written by Jews. Jesus was a Jew. God chose Jews as his people. You are just a Gentile.

  6. David says:

    Well, you believe a lot of things, that’s for sure, but what you believe in is wrong, a lie, and remember “they” believe that HaShem is one too, so… 😉

    The pagans too believe in a lot of things, and yet I am now sure that they will be the ones suffering less in eternal torment for their ignorance than you for your so-called “knowledge” of God. May He forgive you.

    • onieu says:

      That is your opinion but cannot be supported by the evidence. The Bible clearly teaches and agrees with the teachings of Messianic Essene religion only

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